Cancellation Policy

We don’t want to make your life harder by introducing loads of ifs & buts. We, at Travel LYKKE Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Travel LYKKE”), have very clear, simple and transparent cancellation policy. Travel LYKKE works as an intermediary for planning and booking holidays for travelers, hence every cancellation has two kind of charges – an Agency fee charged by Travel LYKKE & an Actual fee charged by various travel suppliers. Following is the description for various charges in cases of Full as well as Partial cancellation.

Agency Fee

Full Cancellation:
Before 30 days from departure: 2000 Rs. (capped at 5% of the total trip cost)
Before 7 days from departure: 3000 Rs. (capped at 5% of the total trip cost)
Within 7 days from departure: 5000 Rs. (capped at 5% of the total trip cost)

Partial cancellation:

Actual Fee

In case of full or partial cancellation:
Flights: Determined by airline cancellation policy.
Hotels: Determined by the room type selected at the time of booking.
Transfers & Sightseeing: Non-refundable unless explicitly mentioned in the voucher.
Buses & Trains: Determined by the reservation type selected at the time of booking.
Visa: Non-refundable if the visa application has been submitted. Otherwise, 1000 Rs per person per visa.
Others: Non-refundable.

If there is a different cancellation policy mentioned on the quote / vouchers, the same would supercede the above cancellation policy.
In case of cancellation, refunds would be made within 30 days from the date of cancellation. Refunds would be made to the same account as was used at the time of payment. No cash refunds would be made.