About Us

Our sole motto is to create a world of happy travelers.

We are a travel marketplace curating Unique, Experiential & Sustainable holidays for you. Our trips are not limited to usual travel arrangements. We design unique, immersive experiences which make their mark in your heart, and not just on your instagram. We also believe in sustainable tourism. We try to make our trips as environmentally friendly as possible, and engage local communities in the destinations.
Other than the usual blah blah blah, we are a bunch of youngsters, insanely passionate about travel. We think of you as our future friends, and not just customers.


Gaurav Jain

Traveler, CEO

Once you have travelled, the voyage never ends. It’s just the beginning of a tryst with life. I was fortunate to begin my rendezvous with travel while still pursuing my undergrad studies at IIT Bombay. On my first trip to Europe, I cycled through German countryside, camped under the starlit sky, swam across natural hot springs, lived in a cave, met people from around the world and got glimpses of the myriad cultures. And as luck would have it, the love of my life – my better half, also shares my passion! Together we enjoy exploring the wonders of this world and enriching our lives with adventures. Our love for travel inspired us to start lykke.travel to help more and more people fulfil their dreams of traveling around the world with ease and comfort. Our vision is to create wholesome travel experiences to make you feel not a tourist, but a traveler!

Shashank Agarwal

Traveler, COO

Traveler by heart and engineer by accident, is what describes me in short. I believe travel is not about how much you roam around, but how much you understand the place you visited. I have been a travel-buff since my childhood days. Incessant wanderlust compelled me to keep exploring beautiful countryside of central and south India, and snow-capped peaks of Himalayas even before I graduated from IIT-Bombay and joined corporate job. But, regular job could never stop me from visiting enchanting archipelago of southeast Asia, skyscrapers of Chicago and the Great Pyramids, camping in the Savannahs, and traversing the Sahara Desert with Egyptian army men . Someone said “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.”. So, here we are with Travel LYKKE, helping you realize other parts of this interesting book.