Let’s backpack this Javanese Island while hiking through active Volcano’s, adventuring through caves and get drenched in Buddhist culture.

Places covered: Yogyakarta, Camero Lawang, Banyuwangi, Bali

Who is this for: Youngsters, Solo travellers, Couples

7 Nights 8 Days Available on request

What is included in the tour

  • 7 Nights Stay (details in Accommodation section)
  • Yogyakarta – Malang | Train
  • Malang – Camero Lawang | Taxi
  • Camerolawang – Probolinggo | Taxi
  • Probolinggo – Banyuwangi | Train
  • Banyuwangi – Denpasar | Taxi + Ferry
  • Yogyakarta airport – Hotel | Shared transfer
  • Hotel – Denpasar airport | Shared transfer
  • Borobudur Temple and other temples enroute ( Yogyakarta) with entrance tickets
  • Jomblang and Pindul Cave Tour ( Yogyakarta) with entrance tickets.
  • Mt. Bromo Tour (Pick up and Drop to Probollingo)
  • Night Trek to Ijen ( Banyuwangi)
  • Indonesia tourist visa (free)
  • 50000 USD travel cover for 10 days
  • Meals (7 Breakfast)

What is NOT included in the tour

  • Flights (options given in Customizations section)
  • Meals (unless explicitly mentioned in inclusions)
  • Anything not mentioned explicitly in Inclusions
  • Relish your time with likeminded group of backpackers.
  • Hike to witness “blue fire” of an active volcano only available otherwise in Finland.
  • Witness “Light from heaven” from an underground cave.
  • Visit world’s biggest Buddhist temple with a spectacular sunrise.
  • Almost everything booked – Allowing you to enjoy the sites while still doing those at your own pace.

Day 1  >>

ARRIVAL IN YOGYAKARTA: Just relax and lets enjoy our first night in this city of students in Indonesia.


Day 2  >>

TOUR TO BOROBUDUR & OTHER TEMPLES: Little far from Yogya but can’t really ignored!! 'Borobudur is Borobudur' as one historian famously said, conveying simply that there is nothing quite like the Borobudur experience! At dawn, as you witness the mist shrouded plains and hear the first call of the birds, it becomes effortless to imagine yourself time travel to that ancient era of Hindu and Buddhist kingdoms when magnificent monuments were raised to the heavens in expression of their cultural and religious devotions. And as the mist slowly begins to lift with the rising sun to reveal the totality of Borobudur's architectural masterpiece, it sets the perfect backdrop for a morning exploring this timeless monument of Javanese history.

You will witness glory of Borobudur and many other Javanese temple on the way from Yogyakarta today. Be ready for a long drive from Yogyakarta much before sunrise to witness famous sunrise of Borobudur. Spend some good time in Borobudur temple and drive back to Yogyakarta visiting multiple beautiful temples on the way.

If time permit head for Sandboarding at GumukPasirParangtritis(Optional):

The formation of the Parangkusumo sand dune is a unique, unusual, natural phenomenon and this may be the only place you can sandboard in Indonesia. Only sad part is its distance which is approx. 80 Km from Borobudur.


Day 3  >>

JOMBLANG & PINDUL CAVE TOUR: Goa Jomblang :Jomblang is one of hundreds of complex cave systems in the GunungKidul region, just 40 km outside of Yogyakarta. This characteristic 'vertical cave' provides visitors with an adrenaline inducing adventure right from the start.

Visitors are expected to rappel 60 meters down to enter the cave. Once on the cave floor, the breathtaking and glorious 'Light of Heaven' is revealed which is the main attraction of the cave.
Goa Pindul : Cave Pindul is one of the caves in GunungKidul area which has an underfround river. The length of this underground river in total is 300 meters, 5-6 meters wide, and 4-7 meters deep. The duration of this cave is about 20-40 minutes. The flow of the water is quite still, so you don’t need any special skills to come in this cave. And it fits for all ages. Cave Pindul has 3 zones : Light zone, Dim zone, Dark zone.

Inside of the cave there are a lot of stalactite that merges with stalagmite so that they look like pillar inside the cave with a size of 5 span of an adults hand .There is a spot in the cave which is the Light zone, where the light comes in from a hole.

You will enjoy the trips by lay inside a set of tubes and following the drift of the underground river into the Pindul cave. Played in unique cave with a cluster of bats and sparkling with the beauty of stalactite formations.

Come back early and sleep to get ready for next long day.

YOGYAKARTA-MALANG: Catch late night train to Malang today. 


Day 4  >>

MALANG - CAMERO LAWANG: We will reach Camero Lawang – the base village of Mt. Bromo from Malang. Once we will reach Malang, we will grab our drive to Camero Lawang which includes a 4 wheel drive as well.

Note : We may choose to change our plan and access Camero Lawang via Probollingo route as well.


Day 5  >>

SIGNATURE OF JAVA - MT BROMO TOUR: Discover one of Indonesia’s best-kept wonders with an exciting trip to Mount Bromo from Surabaya or Malang! For the past years, the volcano has attracted an enormous number of tourists from all over the world. Witness the rugged peaks of the surrounding mountains that pierce through the morning mist at BromoTenggerSemeru National Park. Upon your arrival, you will meet your English speaking guide who will conduct a short orientation and safety briefing. After that, you’re off to explore the breathtaking trails of Mount Bromo. Marvel at the majestic view as the sunlight slowly brightens the horizon of spewing steam, drifting ash, and retreating shadow of the volcano. Mount Bromo is part of a jaw-dropping volcano complex in East Java so be in awe as your guide helps you spot other volcanoes in the area such as Mt. Batok, Mt. Semeru, Mt. Widodaren, and the Tengger Caldera. Become a nature lover as you explore the desert and Teletubbies Hill.

We will grab our train to Banyuwangi today. Reach Banyuwangi and Relax after a tiring but one of the most adventurous day of your trip


Day 6  >>

NIGHT TREK OF IJEN: Sleep – Sleep – Sleep , when you are about to witness a night full of adventure, its worthwhile to rest as much as possible during day time.

For hiking enthusiasts, one place that should be on your bucket list is Ijen Volcano Complex. Located in East Java, Ijen became famous for its striking blue fire that ignites brightly at night. For a stress-free hike at Ijen Crater. You’ll be picked up from your hotel in Banyuwangi via a comfortable transfer service and be brought safely at the starting point of the hike. You’ll be accompanied by a local guide until you reach the crater and see the blue fires. They will also assist you as you descend from the mountain. After the hike, you’ll be picked up and be brought directly to your hotel so you can rest immediately after this exhilarating experience.


Day 7  >>

BANYUWANGI - BALI: Time to relax a bit after our Ijen trek. And lets further proceed for trip to Bali. Now, when you are in Indonesia – it’s totally worth to visit this famous island of Bali. Reach Kuta, for a relaxing stay!


Day 8  >>

RETURN: Get transferred to airport and board your flight back while planning another such adventure.

  • 05 – 08 Apr | Yogyakarta | EDU Hostel Jogja or similar
  • 08 – 09 Apr | Cemaro Lawang | Café Lava or similar
  • 09 – 11 Apr | Banyuwangi | Cevilla Bed & Breakfast or similar
  • 11 – 12 Apr | Kuta | Bread & Jam Hostel or similar

Please note that these are shared accommodations. Couple could be provided double rooms, if required.


Below are the customization options that you could opt for in this trip. You can select these options later, while making the booking.

  • Flights from Mumbai (INR 32,000 per person)
    Singapore Airlines:
    04 Apr | Mumbai (23:40) – Yogyakarta (17:05, next day) | via Singapore
    12 Apr | Bali (13:05) – Mumbai (21:00) | via Singapore
Important Info
  • Please note that this is intended to be a backpacking adventure trip. The accommodations included are shared ones, which will allow you to meet new people and make travel friends. If you’re looking for private rooms, it can be arranged.
  • A few of the tickets need to be purchased at the destination itself as those shall not be available to be purchased online.
  • While on trip you should try to purchase mineral water and drink it while roaming around.
  • Lunch/Dinner are not included in this itinerary, though food is quite inexpensive in Java.
  • Hike to Mt. Bromo and Mt. Ijen requires no previous hiking experience but do require enough stamina for a 5 Km run in an hour. Tour shall be long and little tiring.
  • Tour of Jomblang Cave will involve rappelling down the cave by 60 m as well as a small walk down the cave – though it’s completely safe and doesn’t require any previous experience.