Program Description

Do you share our love for travel? If yes, then you are at the right place.

Lovers of LYKKE or LOL is our highly exclusive, invitation only travel program, through which we provide exciting travel opportunities to passionate travellers to help them explore more of this beautiful world. Over period of time, we collectively hope to become knowledge banks for destinations, and help the travellers community in general. This program is for people whose entire life revolves around travel e.g. travel bloggers, travel photographers, full time travellers, or the people who spend all their leaves and weekends in exploring new places.

Program Rewards

There are various tangible and intangible benefits of being registered in LOL program, as listed below. Please note that these rewards are also dependent on your willingness and commitment to the program.

  • Once we know you well enough, you may get chance to lead our group trips to exciting destinations. Your travel will of course be absolutely free of cost, which sometimes costs in Lacs. 
  • You'll be issued a unique coupon code, which you can share with your friends. When your friend makes a booking with us using your unique coupon code, you'll get 5% of the base package amount as cashback (up to maximum 2000 Rs, transferred to your account), and your friend will get 3% of the base package amount as cashback (up to maximum 1000 Rs, adjusted in package price) on qualified bookings.
  • You may get to join some of our trips as audit customers for free or at deep discounts, whenever there are free spaces in a trip.

Terms & Conditions

  • Customer has to enter the LOL coupon code at the time of booking. We'll check whether the booking is qualified for the LOL program, and update the cashback accordingly within 7 days.
  • Please note that few trips on our portal are not qualified for LOL program. Most of the times, these are the trips that are conducted by non-profit organizations, where we list them on our portal free of cost. For such trips, LOL coupon code field would not be visible at the time of booking.
  • LOL coupon code cannot be combined with any other general referral programs, discounts and incentives.
  • For customer, the cashback would be adjusted in the price of the trip. For you, the cashback will credited to your bank account within 7 days of booking.
  • Referral links should not be published or distributed on commercial websites (such as coupon websites, Reddit, or Wikipedia). Members are prohibited from “spamming” anyone with referral invitations. This includes mass emailing, texting or messaging people you do not know or using automated systems or bots through any channel to distribute your referral link. Members are prohibited from paying to advertise their referral links.
  • We reserve the right to terminate the program at any time without any notice.
  • If we notice any intentional abuse of the program by anyone, LOL membership will terminated immediately forfeiting any outstanding payments.


If you want to be a part of Lovers of LYKKE program, please let us know by filling the below form. Please note that it's not a general refer & earn program, hence we can on board only a limited number of members in this. Please write a few words about your travel credentials, interests and motivation in joining the program. If we're able to accommodate you, we'll send an invite to you to join the program. 

Lovers of LYKKE Signup Form